- Canopea x Hipli -

You know, at CANOPEA, we are deeply committed to embracing ever more eco-responsibility. Whether it's in the design, creation, production, or online sale of our swimsuits, we are constantly striving to do better.
Today, we are once again committing to eco-responsibility by partnering with HIPLI, a French reusable parcel service specialized in parcel recycling. Cool, isn't it?
The idea? To combat e-commerce waste, reduce your (and our) environmental impact by participating in a circular economy.
Ultra simple,
on vous explique tout :

1. At the time of ordering,
choose to be delivered
in a reusable Hipli parcel

3. Return your Hipli
envelope in a Postal mailbox

2. When you receive your order,
scan the QR code
to be guided through the reuse process

4. Hipli takes care of the rest,
and you receive a promo code

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