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Vacationing in France with a change of scenery: unusual accommodations


Looking for a change for your summer vacations? Why not treat yourself to an unusual vacation in a cabin, a camper, a yurt or a barge? Well suited for family getaways, these original accommodations will perfectly satisfy your need for nature and a change of scenery close to home.

Sleeping in a cabin in the middle of nature

Spending your vacations in a cabin is an idea that should appeal to children! Cabins have developed in France with such success that it is not uncommon to see them even on campgrounds! But maybe you are dreaming of an authentic cabin in the middle of nature, a place where the alarm clock is replaced by birdsong. These places do exist: tree houses, waterside cabins, floating cabins, eco-friendly cabins... they will satisfy your desire to reconnect with nature. These peaceful havens with a rustic look still have a minimum of equipment: running water, electricity, toilets, bathroom, refrigerator, cooking stoves. Some cabins even offer much more: spa or jacuzzi, breakfast served every morning, activity possibilities... There are cabins for all tastes. In a meadow, in the forest or on the water, minimally equipped or more comfortable, you will surely find the one you are dreaming of for your vacations.

Gypsy caravans, bohemian family vacations

Another form of unusual vacation: travelling in a caravan. This type of nomadic lifestyle allows you to live at a different pace and take full advantage of the landscape. Pulled by a horse (or sometimes by donkeys), the trailers move at the same pace as the animals, that is to say...slowly. This means that you won't travel more than 15 kilometers a day, a perfect pace for stressed city dwellers! And what about caring for the horse? Don't worry, you can take the plunge even if you don't have any experience with horses. You will be instructed on how to feed and care for your traveling companion before you leave. There is also a good chance that your children will be happy to take care of it. If horses are not your cup of tea and the nomadic life doesn't appeal to you, another solution is available for your vacations: renting a fixed trailer installed on a piece of land. The experience is quite similar to the one you could live in a hut, with a gipsy atmosphere of course!

Yurts, another vision of camping

Another proposal of alternative accommodation for vacations: yurts. This traditional housing of Central Asian nomads seems to have adapted well to the French climate. You can rent a yurt in any region of France, for one night or the whole vacation. Spacious and comfortable, yurts are well adapted to families. Inside, you have real beds, equipped with mattresses and pillows, and everything you need to cook (stove and refrigerator). Made of wood, horse hair and wool felt, the traditional yurt guarantees optimal comfort in summer and winter. Its round tent and wooden floor appeal to vacationers in search of authenticity. The skylight, placed in the center of the roof, offers a beautiful natural lighting and a night journey in the starry sky of the summer!

Vacations on the water in a barge

 For you, vacations are only conceived with your feet in the water. The barges will certainly answer your desires of bathing and fishing parties. France is rich in canals and rivers that can be navigated by barge (Canal du Midi, Canal de Briare, Canal de Nantes à Brest...), on which you can spend a pleasant stay with your family. No need to have a boat license to pilot a barge. In less than an hour, you will learn how to steer the boat, dock it and pass the gates. Even children can pilot it. They will be happy to take over your position as ship's captain! At 8km/h, barge trips last a long time. This leaves time to enjoy the roof terrace, where you can eat, read or sunbathe. It is also used to store bicycles, which are usually included in the rental of your barge. They will be very useful during your breaks, to go for a hike, to swim in a lake, to have a picnic in nature, to go to a restaurant, to discover a city, a village or a remarkable site, or... to go shopping.

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