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Meet Pamina, founder of Kariokas

We are pleased to introduce Pamina, the founder of KARIOKAS and talented designer of the Canopea x Kariokas collab. Inspired by the enchanting landscapes of South America, she shares with us her dream destinations and favorite addresses in her native land... shall we take you along?

What is your background? Could you tell us about the beginnings of Kariokas? How did your adventure start?

I studied international politics in the United States at Georgetown University and then did a master's degree in European politics in Belgium before working for several years for solar energy companies in close collaboration with several European governments to make the regulations on renewable energies evolve. Environmental protection has always been part of my professional evolution.

Did you always have the idea to create your own brand? Was there a specific moment or did it evolve over time?

When I was doing my MBA, pregnant with my first child, I realized that to be truly fulfilled I needed to do something more creative. I remember one of the professors telling us that to start a new business and succeed you have to do what you love above all else and that you could do 24/7, and for me it was clear it was: drawing, interior design and South America.

Soon the idea of creating a wallpaper brand with my designs was born.

Do you follow a specific creative process to create your projects? Where do you start?

Everything often starts with my travels, and the landscapes of South America, there is always the desire to tell stories and convey messages. I am often inspired by my readings and themes that touch me like the protection of indigenous cultures or the magic of certain ecosystems. For example my last collection Cinco was imagined after seeing a documentary on the Amazon Indians.

But it can also be a combination of color or the shape of a plant, I take a lot of photos as a starting point to not forget the shapes, the details.

What are the worlds that inspire you? More precisely, can you tell us more about the influence that South America has on your creations?

South America touches me especially. My mother was Brazilian and Colombian born in Argentina. I have family all over South America and I have traveled there since I was a child and I filled my eyes with these colors in contrast to the European codes (the mountains can be purple or red), the enormous size of the plants, the songs of frogs and birds (almost electro music sometimes). And then the spirituality and the magic of the indigenous cultures have always been present in my education. South American literature and its current of magic realism also influences me a lot.

You often return to South America, what are your three favorite destinations?

Rio above all, it's a wonderful city, I got married there, I feel at home there, a unique landscape in the world,

Cartagena in Colombia, straight out of a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a historic city with a magical atmosphere

Do you have any favorite kid-friendly addresses (hotels, restaurants or both) to share with us?

In Rio, the Fairmont hotel is ideal for families and right between Copacabana and Ipanema. To do with the kids, the sunset in Ipanema, visit the district of Santa Teresa, go see the corcovado and its sublime view of the bay.

Cartagena is full of divine boutique hotels (casa Pombo, casa Pestagua) but with the family the must is the Santa Clara, an old sublime cloister.

The best time to go?

If you are looking for warmth and are not afraid of a few tropical rains between the end of November and the beginning of March for Rio. Cartagena is great from October.

Check our her work at kariokas.com and @kariokas_design

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