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Behind the Label

From the very beginning, our pieces have been made in Portugal. This beautiful journey, which has been going on for nearly 7 years, is made possible thanks to you. Today, we take you behind the scenes at Canopea to let you discover the process of designing and crafting our pieces. It's also an opportunity for us to reaffirm our commitment of combining eco-responsibility with style for the whole family.

STEP 1: Let's get inspired! Canopea is a team made up entirely of women, aged between 26 and 42, with or without children. In addition to the feedback you provide us, our designer Constance is committed to drawing inspiration from her own story, her team's stories, her friends, and the women in her life to dream up the swimsuits of tomorrow for the whole family. Our primary goal: to combine elegance with eco-responsibility, all while paying close attention to details.

STEP 2: We create our prototypes! For this step, we head to Portugal! It's time to manufacture the first prototypes in collaboration with our partner workshop, with whom we have been working with for 5 years now. But what exactly is a prototype? These are the preliminary versions of our swimsuits, on which we make (very) numerous adjustments to make them just PERFECT! Each new swimsuit will be tried on by several people to validate the different sizes. Some swimsuits require up to 4 prototypes per piece (fortunately, sometimes fewer). Once our prototypes are completed and approved, production begins: laser cutting... application of heat-transfer labels... finishing touches... In short, there can be anywhere from 20 to 25 different steps in the manufacturing process.

STEP 3: The Photoshoot One of our favorite steps! ⁠ Objective: find the location for the photoshoot and the models who will bring our swimsuits to life... a fundamental and lengthy step. Our greatest gift to ourselves: discovering all the new photos and selecting the ones that will make you dream the most. A moment of great joy for us! Once the photos and packshots are done, the hardest part ? Waiting for the release of the new collection 6 months later and finally receiving your opinions, feedback, and photos. #youincanopea

See you in March to discover our new collection and in the meantime, follow our adventures on Instagram


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